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The Universal Gift Card

Gift card sales are once again on the rise.  I don’t know about you, but it drives me crazy that when I trade my cash for a plastic card or certificate, it often expires, adds service fees, and slowly devalues itself over time if not used. The receiving party can easily lose out if they don’t promptly use it. The unnecessary service fees and expiration dates have gotten so out of control that many states are now rushing to put laws in place to prevent companies from taking advantage of consumers.

So here we arrive at my idea of a “Universal Gift Card“. Simply put, this is a fun little gag gift taking a stab back at those companies that take advantage of us (and not ALL gift cards fall into this category, but most of the ones that I’ve received do).

This simple idea includes a printable template to give the ultimate gift card that never expires, has no maintenance fees or service charges, and everyone loves – CASH!

For more details including a template to print your own “Gift Card” see my Instructable article here.

P.S. – I’m looking for a graphic designer to help create a few more templates to be given away with this article.  If you have a bit of time to spare and are interest in helping out then please contact me!

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