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Dry Aged Beef @ Home

Dry Aged Beef.  It’s what any high end steakhouse serves and one of the main things that is difficult to reproduce at home with your normal grilling process.

Until now anyway.  Thanks to, below is a fantastic article on how you can produce your very own dry aged beef.  Let me know if you try this. I know I’m dying to myself.

Vermonter Tip #476 – There Is No Such Thing As “Grill Season”

Don't let a little snow stop you!
Don’t let a little snow stop you!
Vermonter Tip #476 – There Is No Such Thing As “Grill Season”

In Vermont there is no such thing as “Grill Season”.  Grilling can be done year round. A little (or lot of) snow shouldn’t stop you.  On contrary to popular excuse belief, grills can still get extremely hot in the winter if given the proper time to pre-heat.

When cooking in the winter don’t bother with the built-in grill igniters.  They usually freeze up and will only cause headache.  Instead get yourself a box of nice fireplace matches such as these:

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Most grills have a hole in the front right corner designed for lighting manually. If not, simply hold the match down through the grate at each burner as you turn it on.

It’s also very important to keep the lid shut while cooking. Hopefully you spent the summer learning how your grill likes to operate. You should only have to open the grill once or twice to turn the food or make sure small fires are in check.

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