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Arduino Unplugged – Wireless Sensors

This weekend I started playing around with the nRF24L01 RF modules.  These things are a fantastic low-cost option for creating wireless communications between two Arduino micro-controllers.

nRF24L01+ 2.4GHz Wireless Modules
nRF24L01+ 2.4GHz Wireless Modules

These are multi-node modules where many modules can transmit back to the same “master” node.  You can also find long distance versions of the same module online that claim to achieve 800-1K meters (2624 – 3280 ft)  in distance!

This example shows a simple LED being controlled wirelessly.  You can get about 300ft of distance between the two devices. Possibly more in clear view.  I was able to walk around my entire house and still trigger the LED remotely. The options are endless for what you could do with this when it comes to wireless sensors and remote monitoring.

My next step – Shrink the transmitting side down to a ATTiny85 version of the Arduino, bringing the cost of each transmitter down to about $5.

ATTiny85 – At about $1 each, these are perfect for dedicating to a project in place of an Arduino

Stay tuned for more details and an update on the project as it gets closer to completion.