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2014 ManganLabs Gift Guide

Mangan Labs Gift Guide

Welcome to my 2nd annual ManganLabs Gift Guide!
2014 ManganLabs Gift Guide Happiness!

Once again I’m proud to bring you the ultimate gift guide for finding creative and unusual gift ideas for everyone on your list.

It’s no secret that I’m a gadget guy.

I’m always on the lookout for new and unique items. There is something on this hand-picked list for everyone, young and old! I have categorized items below at a high level.

It’s no coincidence that most if not all of the items list below are from  Being a member of the Amazon affiliate program allows me to earn a very small incentive for referring you to their site.  If I refer many people it adds up, all helping to fund continued development of this site and more cool projects in the future.  Your support is greatly appreciated.  With that said, I WILL post links to items that are not available on Amazon or found to be significantly lower priced from another source.  I’m a product consumer just like you and it would be against my better judgement to point people to Amazon if a much better deal or truly unique item can be found elsewhere.

New items will be added to the top of this list daily from Friday Nov 21st to Friday December 19th (and I already have several items in mind that are not available on Amazon) Bookmark this page and check back regularly for updates!

If you have suggestions for items to add this year, please use the contact form here.


NEW! (Check Back Daily For More Fresh Picked Ideas!)

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Need more ideas? My 2013 Gift Guide can be found here and it has lots of items that are still popular today!

Need even more inspiration?  Below is a list of even more sites where you can find unique gifts:

Get Over 1/2 Mile Range With Wireless Arduino Projects

Break Your Arduino Free From Wifi

A $20 wirelesss development board based on Arduino is about to enter the market.  Makers everywhere are excited about the possibilities this brings to their projects.

Flutter Wireless

 Our goal is to provide the community with access to inexpensive and reliable wireless technology. That’s why we built flutter. Based on Arduino, flutter is a wireless electronic development board with an ARM processor and integrated hardware encryption.

Flutter is a successfully funded Kickstarter Project that raised $149,906 of it’s original $80,000 goal.

Flutter offers the following features:

  • 1,000+ meter range
  • 1.2 Mbps max data rate
  • 915 MHz operating frequency
  • Atmel SAM3s ARM CPU at 64MHz
  • Cryptographic key storage
  • Mesh networking
  • 3.3v system voltage
  • 10-40mA current draw (normal use)

Unlike many wifi-based products, flutter boards talk directly to each other – no routers or servers required. All you need to make a flutter network is two flutter boards and power. Whether you’re preparing for Burning Man or just building a project for your next hiking trip, flutter has you covered.

Due to begin shipping in April, this product has serious potential for some amazing wireless projects.  I can’t wait to get my hands on a kit.

For more details visit the Flutter Press Page, Flutter Website, or the original Flutter Kickstarter Page

Book Review: iWoz

iWoz: Computer Geek to Cult Icon: How I Invented the Personal Computer, Co-Founded Apple, and Had Fun Doing ItiWoz: Computer Geek to Cult Icon: How I Invented the Personal Computer, Co-Founded Apple, and Had Fun Doing It by Steve Wozniak
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I have always been a fan of Woz, long before I was ever an Apple user. After reading this book, I’m an even bigger fan!

You will really enjoy this book if you’re a technical person that is always creating and building things yourself.

I found it very easy to relate to Steve in many ways, not just on the technical side, but also with his overall perspective on life. If you don’t care about the technical details of how things work and are designed from the ground up, this may have some dull parts for you. That said, they are pretty well contained in the book so it would be easy to skip over those sections as needed.

There is no doubt that I would highly recommend this to all my Engineering and Maker friends.

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Attach An External Hard Drive To Your Mobile Devices!

Every now and then I hear about a new product that makes me go “wow, I gotta have one of these!”.  Today is another one of those days and this is another one of those products:

The HyperDrive iUSBport Wi-Fi Device makes any USB storage device wireless and visible to your iOS and Android devices. With this you can steam 3 different HD movies to 3 different devices or share music, photos, and documents with up to 8 different users at the same time!

At just $99, I want one!