Brilliant Idea Backfires – DIY Sparkling Wine

Don't Try This At Home - Sparkling Wine with Soda Stream

Don’t Try This At Home – DIY Sparkling Wine Another Brilliant Idea Backfires! Youtuber Larry G. and his son Noah tried using a Soda Stream machine to make sparkling wine.  You can pretty much guess what happens next! I have to

2014 ManganLabs Gift Guide

Mangan Labs Gift Guide

Welcome to my 2nd annual ManganLabs Gift Guide! Once again I’m proud to bring you the ultimate gift guide for finding creative and unusual gift ideas for everyone on your list. It’s no secret that I’m a gadget guy. I’m

Arduino Unplugged – Wireless Sensors

This weekend I started playing around with the nRF24L01 RF modules.  These things are a fantastic low-cost option for creating wireless communications between two Arduino micro-controllers. These are multi-node modules where many modules can transmit back to the same “master”

Get Over 1/2 Mile Range With Wireless Arduino Projects

Break Your Arduino Free From Wifi A $20 wirelesss development board based on Arduino is about to enter the market.  Makers everywhere are excited about the possibilities this brings to their projects.  Our goal is to provide the community with

Arduino Classes in Essex, VT

Arduino is an electronics prototyping platform based on flexible, easy-to-use hardware and software. It is intended for creating interactive objects or environments. The sky is the limit on the things you can create. Interested in all the “Maker Craze” with